General News Direct From Brunswick


High demand for products mixed with continued supply chain disruptions continue to put upward pressure on pricing. We continue to plan for quarterly price updates. This new pricing was effective July 15, 2022.


Onboarding and retaining staff in our warehouse operations remains a very big challenge. Recent recruiting changes have started to show some success with many positions filled across the company in the last two months. However, it will take some time to improve our efficiency with new staff before we start to see a measurable decrease in our processing time. Yet, it remains a primary focus for our management team where we are putting great effort to fully staff our operations.

Supply Chain Updates


The current projected lead time for all new orders remains at 10 weeks. The volume of new pins ordered continues to exceed the volumes we receive which has limited our ability to make progress with reducing lead times.

Pinsetter Parts

Aftermarket will be discontinuing the items listed below. Our supplier will no longer make them, and our purchasing team has had no success with finding another supplier.
Discontinued                             Possible Replacements
58-3177                                       90300077000 Rear Pit Mount – Urethane
58-3176                                       90300076000 Front Pit Mount – Urethane


Accelerator motor – 99030363004. We have requested an air shipment of the new kits with a tentative arrival date the first week of August. These kits will cover a good majority but not all backorders. Once they arrive the orders will be prioritized for shipping. As with other backordered items we will fill oldest orders first.

Deck chutes Our deck chute supplier has made good progress with reducing the deck chutes on backorder.  However, due to recent challenges with humidity which affects the urethane curing, manufacturing will be stalled temporarily.

Belts We continue to receive belts from our suppliers, but not to the level to clear all backorders. The longest lead time belts are currently 27-8651, 53520235600 and 12400034005. You may want to consider other options for your customers for the near term.

Ball lift tires We continue to receive shipments of the red v-tire 90-520060-000. Our next ETA is tentatively September 28. We expect to have additional inventory after that batch. All other ball lift tires are in stock.

Rental shoes Our demand for rental shoes continues to be significant. Our supplier is meeting their production schedule, but shipping timeframes are long. Our container shipments are still not meeting arrival dates, but there has been some modest improvement.

House Balls We expect to receive first shipments of Myball house balls the first week of August. We will also receive some Billiard balls. We are reviewing orders that were placed prior to April/March 2022, which we anticipate having stock to fill when the shipments arrive.

Chemical supplies Cleaner and conditioner inventory and manufacturing have now caught up to
current demand – except for Logic and Connect (see below).

You may have noticed Logic and Connect have not been available for quite some time. This has been a multi-year project to work through a mild formula update. Timelines and availability have been amplified due to the pandemic, but we are approaching the release.
Logic and Connect will be rebranded as Logic 2.0 and Connect 2.0, respectively. The “2.0’s” will retain their original part numbers for convenience in ordering. The Logic and Connect formulas will no longer be manufactured, and all new production will be the 2.0 formulas. All open orders for Logic and Connect will automatically be updated to the 2.0 formula variants once inventory is available. We are wrapping up field testing currently for each, and we are seeing great results so far. We have begun manufacturing for each product as well.

New Products

A NEW kit – 12-862205-000 PKG – ACCEL/BOOSTER RELAY KIT – will replace relay 12-862830-000 that is no longer available. The kit will include two relays, two relay bases, installation components and instructions. For future replacements both the relay and base will be available as individual service parts.

The new kit is more expensive, so we are offering introductory pricing through August 31st. SBI has the new kit in stock and ready to ship.
12862205000 PKG – ACCEL/BOOSTER RELAY KIT (Introductory Price)
List: $60.60

Regular pricing will go into effect September 1, 2022
List: $69.30