General News Direct From Brunswick


As previously announced in our Aftermarket updates, we will continue to review pricing quarterly until we start to see more stability in the supply chain.  We are still receiving increases from our suppliers as availability of both raw materials and labor remain challenging coupled with the significant increases in freight costs.

The new pricing will go into effect on July 15th, this is a change from the original effectivity date of July 1.   We have held pricing on Lane Machines, Cleaners, Conditioners, Cloth and the majority of lane machine service parts.

The price files are available at


Onboarding and retaining people in our warehouse operations remains a very big challenge. Recent recruiting changes have started to show some success with many positions filled across the company in the last two months. However, it will take some time to improve our efficiency with new staff before we start to see a measurable decrease in our processing time. Yet, it remains a primary focus for our management team where we are putting great effort to fully staff our operations.

Supply Chain Updates


We are making progress on older pin orders as shipments continue to arrive in Muskegon. However, the current projected lead time for all new orders has pushed to 10 weeks. The volume of new pin orders continues to exceed the volumes we are receiving. Although we have shipped a lot of the older pins orders that accumulated during the pin plant closure, new orders have limited our ability to make progress.

Pinsetter Parts

As we continue to navigate through supply chain challenges, we strongly encourage customers to consider similar products if the item they have ordered is on back-order. A similar item is not always available – but sometimes there is. Example below:
Extended Backorder Possible Replacements
58-3177 90300076000, 90300077000


Accelerator motor – 99030363004. The new upgrade kits are in process with our supplier. A small initial inventory will arrive in the next few weeks. Instructions for the ball accelerator motor conversion are available on

Rental shoes Our demand for rental shoes continues to be significant. Our supplier is continuing to meet their production schedule, but shipping timeframes are long. Our container shipments are being pushed +6 weeks from the original projected arrival dates.

House Balls  The volume of balls needed to support our Consumer Products lines continues to consume both the labor and material resources at the ball plant. The original plan was to resume house ball manufacturing in March, but that will not be possible

Chemical supplies Cleaners and conditioners have been very difficult to manufacture due to global material allocations and shortages of raw materials. Cleaner inventory and manufacturing have caught up with the demand. However, the conditioners remain slow due to manufacture, but we are catching up.

MAX10 Schemm Bowling has plenty of stock.  Please give us a call if you are in need.

Price lists below are effective July 15th 2022 and subject to change: