Rebuilt Lane Machines

Rebuilt by Schemm Bowling

Schemm Bowling rebuilt lane machines are disassembled and carefully inspected.  We thoroughly inspect and repair the main function areas of the lane machine.

Each machine is re-assembled by SBI technicians and is thoroughly tested, calibrated, and certified before being shipped to you from our rebuilding center in Deerfield, WI.

Our People Make It Work

The Schemm Bowling rebuilt lane machine is installed in your bowling center by qualified technicians.  Our technicians install the rebuilt lane machine to perform at factory specifications.  We send an installation team that takes the time and care to ensure that the job is done right.

The SBI Rebuilt Advantage

The budget conscious proprietor often considers the purchase of a rebuilt lane machine.  When you purchase the Schemm Bowling rebuilt lane machine, you get much more than a functional lane machine.  You also receive:

  • The full backing of SBI’s after-sale support and service.
  • Access to 24-hour technical support.
  • Our parts are a guaranteed match every time, because we are a Certified Kegel parts distributor.
  • 6 month warranty on parts.

Currently Available

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