Trying to make your pins last longer?
Make sure they are clean!


What’s one of the first things a customer sees when walking in a bowling center? The pins! Bowling pins in a bowling center are like teeth for a person. You can have the most beautiful smile in the world, but if your teeth are dirty and yellow, well, we think you get the picture.

Kegel’s Pin Shine bowling pin cleaning machine provides the easiest and best method for cleaning your pins. For best results, use Kegel’s Pin Shine pin cleaning solution.


  • Clean pins last longer
  • Clean pins reduce pinsetter problems
  • Clean pins transfer less dirt to equipment and bowlers
  • Clean pins convey a nice clean look to your bowling center


  • 17-0040: 115V Pin Shine Machine
  • 17-0040E: 230V Pin Shine Machine
  • 156-8800: Pin Shine Cleaning Solution (1 gallon/3.74 liters)